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Delivering 100% plastic-free natural tableware solutions while
generating employment for rural women and supporting farmers.

Our Story

Yeah, it’s just 1 straw, Said 8 billion people.

Urber Nature is a company based in Odisha, India that provides stylish, eco-conscious tableware. It is dedicated to environmental conservation and empowering local communities.

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Discover our range of eco-friendly tableware products and support sustainable living.

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Explore our collection of stylish and sustainable tableware options showcasing our commitment to the environment.

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Why Choose Us?


We are committed to providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products.


Our products are not only eco-conscious but also trendy and stylish.


We uplift local rural women and farmers through employment opportunities.


Urber Nature’s tableware truly supports our eco-conscious lifestyle. The products are stylish and sustainable.

John Doe

I am impressed with the quality and design of Urber Nature’s tableware collection. Highly recommended for those seeking eco-friendly options.

Adam Smith

Urber Nature’s commitment to environmental conservation and community support is inspiring. I love their products.

Emily Brown

Join the Eco-Revolution

Shop our eco-friendly tableware collection and make a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

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